About Us

OTOMO Language Services Company
OTOMO Meaning “Very Important friends”
Modelling the great inheritance of the Japanese traditional culture, we strive to provide premiere top services to our clients that we honor most in sincerest and profound way.

Our services area in Japan and Hong Kong ranged:

  • (1) Providing Languages Learning courses (Local courses/Study aboard)
  • (2) Multi-lingual Interpretation & Translation
  • (3) Translations & identification on Gemology
  • (4) Professional interpretation services on medication
  • (5) Manpower and Talents Recruitment Services

In our training courses, we adapt small group teaching for providing comprehensive and the most caring environment. Our teacher to students ratio in every class would be 1:5 or 1:6 so as to create a desirable learning environment, the number of students in each class is far smaller than other institutes with similar nature. By designing a source of comprehensive learning materials, implementing most suitable ways for students to learn, we ensure students to learn in the most efficient way with joy, ease and motivation. As a result, students could learn easily and enhance their confidence in learning and communication. Apart from this, we would assist students to develop their own personal growth, and build up a comprehensive positive and ethical values as a person.

In the aspect of interpretation & translation services, we are providing diversified professional services including written and oral interpretation, even on the medical and gemology areas. With enriching knowledge and experience in translation services, we are a confident team to provide excellent translation and interpretation services.

Service Areas


  • Muti-languages Interpretation
  • Contracts And Agreements
  • Website And Blogs Updates
  • Promotion Booklets And Handbooks
  • Promotional Leaflets And Catalogs


  • Overseas Interpretation
  • Business Meetings And Talks
  • Video
  • Exhibitions And Events

Professional Consultation

Languages Learning

  • Individual And Group Learning
  • Career Training

Translations & identification on Gemology

  • Lssuing Certificates And Identifications On Gemology
  • Providing Professional Advices With Translation Services

Professional interpretation services on medication

Providing onsite interpretation services when one is attaining medication in a national or private hospital.

Manpower and Talents Recruitment Services

Providing Consultancy Service On This Aspect