Q & A

*Can I participate if I only have learnt 50 basic
pronunciation of Japanese?

All students are welcomed to join courses no matter which level you belong to. However, during the classes, teachers are required to teach in Japanese and the learning materials are also written by Japanese, beginners are therefore suggested to familiarize themselves with 50 basic pronunciation of Japanese in order to join the lessons more at ease.

*Is seeking a part-time job very difficult in Japan during my studies there ?

Based on the structure of Japan society, aging problems become the major issue. At the same time, more and more tourists from different countries travel to Japan in recent years. Labor shortage occurred in different industries, for instances, in convenience store, fast food restaurant and others service industries. These industries have a large demand for overseas students who are equipped with diversified languages. In this regards, this is not difficult for overseas students to find a part time job in Japan, especially after they equip themselves better with the Japanese learning.

*Will the study degree authorized in Japan also be recognized in Hong Kong?

Normally, we suggest students, after finishing their courses, should also finish the international Japanese tests (JLPT, BJT, etc.). These tests are recognized internationally. However, some professional industries, for instance, lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc. may require one to get the relevant licenses accordingly with attaining other examinations.

*Where are the overseas students coming from?

Students are from Korea, Jordan, O'zbekiston Respublikasi and other South East Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, etc.

*Do I need to concern about problems of earthquake and nuclear radiation?

Since Earthquake is incurred quite frequent in Japan, the awareness of strengthen the safe infrastructure and building is highly valued by the government. They have a completed suspension equipment, high security and strong citizen awareness. These traits bring to a situation that people act in good order and confusion situation will be minimized. Besides, nuclear leakage was happened in Fukushima where is approximately 300 km away from Tokyo and approximately 700 km away from Higashikawa. You may feel at ease with this concern.