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Asahikawa Welfare
Special School
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Asahikawa Welfare Special School

Postal code 071-1496
Hokkaido, Kamikawa-gun,
Higashikawa-cho, Shinkadai JAPAN

+81 120-82-3577

School Information

Our professional education enhances students’ Japanese languages skills while experiencing Japanese cultures and lifestyle. The school also provides a Japanese learning platform for students who intent to study further and look for employment. The platform aims to coach students being admitted to N1 Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, likewise, to cultivate social communication skills applying Japanese. The school provides individual directions and fully supports for students based on their intentions of study and employment. Their detailed and specific messages can assist students finding out a desire path for development.

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HIGASHIKAWA Japanese Language School

1 Chome-1-1 Kitamachi,
Higashikawa, Kamikawa District,
Hokkaido 071-1426 JAPAN

+81 166-74-6815

School Information

The school strives to foster and expand the diversified cultural exchanges among the world with Japanese learning. It is also the major factor for them to launch their activities advocating language and cultural studies in Japan. In 2014, around 1000 exchange students were already registered and recruited. The natural environment and unique special culture of Higashikawa are the elements that help promoting the coexistence of diversified cultures in the society with Japanese learning and communication. In 2015, Higashikawa Japanese Language School ( HIGASHIKAWA Japanese Language School) was authorized by the government for being the first public Japanese school and achieve the current state afterwards.

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Columbia International School

〒359-0027 153 Matsugō,
Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan


School Information

Columbia International School is the only international school established and authorized in Japan by both the Ontario Government and the Association of Private Universities in the western Association of school and colleges. In 1988, Columbia International School provides the whole range of education, from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school to high school with supreme standards and world-class educational services. Students are able to obtain the High School Diploma recognized by the Ontario government after finishing the courses.

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